Mariscope vision

To be one of the main international references in the underwater technology sector, to contribute to the exploration, studies, understanding, conservation and responsible use of the world’s seas and oceans.
We want to stand out for being pioneers in the implementation of new technologies and delivering superior quality solutions.
Design, manufacture, use and market excellent quality tools, personalized, highly complex and specific, for everyone who works in the seas, lakes or other aquatic environment.
The focus and philosophy behind each of these tools and equipment focuses on their duration over time, backed by a lifetime warranty, practical use, and low operational cost of the same.

Mariscope values

– Respect; within our company, with our clients, and with the sea, its ecosystems and the environment.
– Ethics, Trust and Honesty; for and with our clients.
– Cooperation; with people, entities and companies that share our values ​​and purpose.

Our certification

Lifetime warranty

Mariscope’s ROVs and other systems manufactured by the company have limited lifetime warranty without a restriction in the hours of use.
Lifetime warranty

German quality

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Germany under high quality standards.
German quality

Top Materials

Stainless steel frames, care for component quality and testing in the most extreme working conditions result in the well known reliability of our products.
We have wide experience and capacity to carry out special developments and those with specific requirements.

This flexibility allows Mariscope to give turnkey solutions to extraordinary problems.

Our ROV´s are easily equipped with a variety of instruments specially designed or available on the market, in order to cope

Mariscope Story


The founder, Christian Haag, starts to develop some ROVs in partership with Italian companies


Mariscope Meerestechnik is established as formal company in Kiel, Germany


First approach to the South American market. ROV requirements in the southern of Chile takes Mariscope products to the tip of the Southern Cone.


Mariscope steps formally into the South America market through the aperture of Chilean based ofice.


We start our approach to the Argentinian market.


Consolidation of Mariscope Argentina takes place. Based in Puerto Madryn.