After a year of colaboration and relations, Mariscope participates as main sponsor in the anual event of the Italian Comerce Chamber of Chile.
Supported by the ambassy and Italy, CAMIT ends 2022 with a big event for the associated companies.

Commander MKIII

Creating more connections between European country and Chile

During the event, members of the chamber were able to discover more about Mariscope products and business.

Italian brands supported by Mariscope

Coltri, Suex, Scubatec and Divesystem products were visible in our stand during the “aperitivo”.

Mariscope founder, Christian Haag during sponsors speech at dinner.

Even more relation with Italy in the future

After this event, relation between the company, Italy and italian insitutions is very promising.

The european country is interested in high-tech companies that are available for all kind of needs in the energy and maritime sector. Mariscope fits perfectly in this area and is developing new technologies for this applications.

Commander MKIII