Since the early 90’s, Mariscope designs, develops and manufactures
different types of ROV’s, Towed systems, Cameras, lights and other specialized underwater Equipment.

In the search for perfection and customer satisfaction, the company customizes each underwater vehicle to the user´s need.  The product range goes from small towed systems over compact ROV’s up to multi function work-class units.
Nevertheless, the common basic concept is a design and construction based on modular components that are easily modified and adapted to guarantee maximum flexibility during operations.

Taking care of the worldwide market and with extensive experience in the South American Continent, Mariscope Meerestechnik has since several years also has brands in Chile and Argentina.


By having highly qualified personnel, the company has the necessary capabilities in each of the facilities, to perform special operations as well as adaptations of the equipment according to the requirements of the tasks or needs of its customers.


Mariscope produces a wide range of products in this area. ROVs, towes systems, special cameras and the option of special developments. Caracterized by the high quality standards, we encourage you to dive into the poroduct pages and see which product can satisfy your need.

Application fields

The equipments we produce are used in all kind of underwater operations and industries. Since the beginning of the company, we have been providing clients in all the sectors. This, due to the high reliability of our products and by the customization of the equipments.


Since the beginning of the company, we have been using our own equipments to provide service to our clients. Mariscope offers the chance to get in touch and supply with service, rent and knowledge in this area. A high specialized team with vast experience will be suporting the operations needed.

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