On this occasion we want to share with you that Mariscope has been considered and included as a partner of AHK Argentina, the largest binational chamber of commerce between Argentina and Germany.

AHK is a Trade Association made up of a select group of companies from both nations, which share interests and business opportunities from all industries. This affiliation was approved on November by the board of directors and achieved mainly due to our track record and reliability towards our products and services.

Expanding even more our presence in Argentina

“Mariscope is present officialy since 2014 in Argentina. Besides from what its usually said, the country is really interesting for business and new developments.”

Now even more close with the Mariscope of Germany
“Being part of the chamber will be key for establishing even stronger in Argentina. Not only for business relation, but also areas like customs agencies and logistics will be easier now”

“The company bets for production in Argentina. Engineering and industry levels in the south american country is at the highest level and this opens to us the chance to produce also near to some of our customers”

More presence in South America is key for the future

“The world is changing and need of new economies is well known. Also, new and renewables energies are nowadays the most important topic to care. Argentina offers a huge base for offshore-wind and marine energies that need support of companies like Mariscope.”