On this occasion we want to share with you that Mariscope has been considered and included as a partner of AHK Chile, the largest binational chamber of commerce between Chile and Germany.

AHK is a Trade Association made up of a select group of companies from both nations, which share interests and business opportunities from all industries.

This affiliation was approved on October 4 by the board of directors and achieved mainly due to our track record and reliability towards our products and services.

The biggest bilateral commerce chamber in Chile

Joining to the leaders of Germany in Chile

“The company was interested since the first arrival to Chile to make part of the chamber. Due to some logistical issues and the distance to Santiago, it wasn’t possible.”

Mariscope sets base also in Santiago
“This year, the company is based also in Santiago. Members of the directory and engineers will be in the capital of Chile doing developments and business. This opens the door to memberships like the AHK.”


“The company is in a process of transition. More technology is integrated in our products and in our factory. Partners that develop cutting-edge technology like some members of AHK are key for this internal process.”

Interest in being educators

“AHK gives the option to be educators of young motivated students. Dual formation is a present in Chile with AHK and german companies. We are interested in being part of this activities and to receive students in the near future.”

Dual formation