Lucky Sampler is the new system developed by Mariscope Meerestechnik engineers to solve the problem of sediment sampling below operating salmon farms.

How it works

This sediment sampling equipment, detailed the company through a press release, “is based on a Venturi system and a set of container cylinders located in a revolver type mechanism that allows taking between 8 and 12 samples without returning to the surface”.

Likewise, this equipment is coupled to an ROV of the same brand, model Commander, “which allows sampling under the cages even while in operation. With this equipment, it is possible to take fresh samples of sediment in centers that are in full operation to determine with greater certainty the degree of health of the same”, the company assures.

Brand statement

“Lucky Sampler is operated through the ROV control unit, which allows for accurate and safe sampling. The ROV has 6 vector thrusters, several full HD cameras and LED lighting, all located on various gyro systems. With an operational capacity of 1,000 meters, this equipment can cover all the operational depths that are currently covered by aquaculture in Chile”.

The equipment incorporates a positioning and sonar system, but can add any other sensor available on the market. “This innovative equipment was extensively tested by Mariscope Meerestechnik in the North Sea. The start-up in Chile will be in December of this year”, the German group announced.

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