As marine technology providers and based on oceanographers, this area of the company is dedicated to sell, install and give services to all needs in the area of Oceanography.


Oceanography product fabrication and reselling requires a good understanding of oceanography and the technology used in oceanography research. With more than 25 years in the area, we have been developing parterships with the best companies arround the world.
We offer a wide range of products from leading manufacturers and provide technical support, installation services, and training to our customers.

Application fields

Oceanography has a wide range of applications, from understanding the basic science of the oceans to addressing practical problems and informing policy decisions. It is used to study the physical, biological, and chemical processes of the ocean, and to map and study ocean currents, tides, and waves. In addition, oceanography plays a critical role in weather forecasting, climate research, and the study of sea-level rise and its impacts on coastal communities.
The study of oceanography also helps to better understand the distribution and migration patterns of marine species, and the impact of human activities, such as fishing and pollution, on ocean ecosystems. Furthermore, oceanography has applications in the fields of oil and gas exploration, as well as in the development of new technologies, such as undersea communication cables and offshore wind farms.
Overall, oceanography is a multidisciplinary field that contributes to our understanding of the world’s oceans and the ways in which they interact with the Earth and its climate.


Since our arrival to the southern of Chile, Mariscope started to apply the highest technology of this science by offering several oceanographic services. Nowadays, we continue to be the leaders in this type of services. Below specified some of them.

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