Diavolo III

More than an inspection class ROV.

The Diavolo III is designed to withstand the demands of the toughest environments and extreme conditions, extending the applications of compact equipment to new levels on jobs down to a depth of 500 meters. Its strong and robust hand welded (TIG) and crystal blasted AISI 316L stainless steel structural chassis, is the basis of the modular design that allows to integrate several accessories that greatly expand the range of applications, making it a flexible and customizable equipment. This ROV is the perfect base for multipurpose operations. Its stable, hydrodynamic design and its four powerful 400 Watt BLDC thrusters with magnetic couplings instead of drive shafts, give the ROV a great maneuverability underwater and the power to carry the necessary accessories on board. The 4th thruster allows the ROV a lateral movement which is necessary in many jobs, specially when using manipulators or other tools, where a precise navigation is necessary.

Powerfull, robust and with a payload of up to 60 kg this unit is the best choice for those users who need to go deep and carry out light work or special measurements and are operating from very small crafts.

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    Technical data


    45 – 90 kg (depending on the equipment).


    2 horizontal longitudinal thrusters / 1 horizontal transversal thruster / 1 vertical thruster – 400 W each

    Electrical power required

    3,0 kW (230 v AC)


    3 Knots


    Full HD (1920 x 1080) camera with integrated laser pointers in salt water resistant aluminum housing with anodized surface.

    Installed on external tilt system (160° swivel angle).


    4 total LED spotlights.

    • 2 LED spotlights attached to the same camera tilt system that rotate simultaneously with it.
    • 2 fixed LED spotlights installed to optimize front illumination.

    This configuration can be easily customized by the user, as the LED spotlights are attached to the chassis by specially designed brackets to fit to the ROV frame.

    Structural chassis

    Structural chassis made of AISI 316L stainless steel, hand welded (TIG) and crystal blasted.

    The passion for exploration and excelence drives us

    Optional accessories

    • Umbilicals, length on request.
    • Special sensors for measuring CO2, H2S, CTDO, oil in water, UTM/CP probes, and others on request.
    • Special cameras and EOD lighting on request.
    • Forward-looking or high definition/multibeam sonars on request.
    • Different types of USBL tracking systems are available upon request.
    • Customized manipulators specially adapted to customer requirements.
    • Cavitation cleaning units.