The perfect solution for scientists and research for deep ocean surveys.

This system is the easiest option to get images between 1.000 and 2500 meters depth, on budget.
It is umbilical free, and once it has been a certain time at the seafloor, it returns to the surface by releasing a weight.

Users can modify the position of the cameras and lights, and program the cameras not to record different time intervals, and also modify the expected time of the system on the seafloor.

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    Technical data


    30 – 60kg


    2 cameras 4K, recorded on bottom.


    standard: 4 x 2500 lumen

    Max. Depth

    1500m – 2500m on request

    Battery time

    Up to 6 hours


    St. Steel


    Antenna and connection to Surface unit through GPS / GNSS data

    Deep Ocean research