Mini Observer

The Mini Observer is a fast deployable and easy to use system, built for any type of environment.

The special design of the frame, protection and hook guidance prevents the unit to get entangled.

Mini Observer is often used in search and rescue operations in lakes, rivers and also shallow coastal areas.

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    Technical data


    15 – 25 kg


    Each system is custom built and dimensions are defined according to the client´s needs.


    Fixed focus or zoom cameras. The cameras are chosen according to the client´s needs.

    The same is valid for the type of lenses. Camera housings are manufactured of POM, PVC, Aluminum or Stainless steel.


    High output LEDs in stainless steel or aluminium housings.

    Lights start at 2.900 lm each and can be upgraded according to special needs.

    Structural chassis

    Stainless Steel AISI 316L.