SeaMagine Ocean Pearl

Powerful Small Submersible.

A professional 2 person submersible, or mini submarine, perfect for the subsea industry and for the defense sector to handle the harshest underwater missions.

The Ocean Pearl submersible is an ABS Classed robust mini-submarine for 2 persons (1 pilot + 1 Passenger) with depth rating options of 100m or 380m. This powerful professional sub, equipped with an array of subsea tools, is ideal for commercial work, underwater surveys & inspections, and underwater interventions.

Built to withstand the harshest sea conditions, the Ocean Pearl is a great workhorse, highly modular and practical with powerful propulsion. This manned submersible is ideal for work and for keeping field operational logistic simple and practical.

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    Technical data


    Pilot + 1


    Max. Operation depth



    3 Knots


    10 to 12 hours

    The Distinct Leader in Reliability, Outstanding Design & Performance.