Suex XK

Durable high-performance DPV for the most demanding professionals

XK is the DPV for technical/professional use: it enables long-range and cave exploration thanks to its Li-ION battery that offers 330 minutes at cruising speed and 100 minutes at maximum speed (100 m/min). Depths of up to 200 metres can be reached with XK.

Combining the XJ-S and Eron D-1 gives you access to the dashboard’s FULL mode, featuring a wide range of functions, including the recording of dive, depth and heading data (Heading).

DRIVe is a state-of-the-art integrated system for planning DPV underwater navigation and data collection during and after a dive. Thanks to this innovative system, all the devices in the Drive system provide the user with a series of strategic information for the management, navigation and safety of their dives.

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    Chile and Argentine

    Technical data

    Weight with battery

    25 kg


    100 mt/min




    330 min at cruise speed

    Suex, DPVs for professional and sportsmen