UV-LED Antifouling lights

A Superb Ultra Large Acrylic Window.

The first-time used combination of underwater LED lights with optical lenses leads to an energy efficient, long life and low cost alternative to the control of fouling.
This game-changer solution, vital to scientific measurement operations, can also be applied in many other areas where underwater measurements play a major role, or in long-term operations that depend on battery power.

Manufactured by Mariscope Meerestechnik under license from IOW.

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    Technical data


    Plastic (POM) housing


    140 mm (Length)
    40 mm (Diameter)

    Light options

    Straight (70° lightbeam cone) / 90° angled (70° lightbeam cone)

    Duty Cycle

    Time On/Time Off duration programmable with no limitations

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    Environmentally responsible Technology