Reach Robotics, an Australian company specializing in electric articulated arm systems for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), is a leading player in the global market. Its compact yet robust manipulators offer exceptional size-to-strength and quality ratio, making them ideal for integration into various types of ROVs, including compact units, for high-intensity tasks.

In a significant development, Reach Robotics has entered an exclusive representation agreement with Mariscope to serve the Chilean and Argentine markets. This collaboration combines the innovative and customized solutions of both companies to deliver tailored ROV and multifunctional arm systems that address unique local requirements and conditions.

Tackling challenging underwater applications

The partnership aims to tackle underwater applications that current equipment and technology cannot adequately handle, such as precise retrieval of marine organisms for scientific studies from great depths. Reach Robotics’ high-end technology and Master Arm control system provide high-precision and manoeuvrability, improving efficiency in recovery operations such as naval artefact retrieval and reducing operating costs.

The collaboration also benefits the local aquaculture industry, enabling tasks such as net repairs, controlled cleaning of marine harvesting sites and other previously unattainable applications. Mariscope’s technical expertise and service, along with Reach Robotics’ high-quality equipment, will have a significant impact on the market. This symbiotic relationship between a respected German ROV manufacturer and an esteemed Australian robotic arm manufacturer opens doors to innovative underwater solutions.

Together, Reach Robotics and Mariscope are well equipped to meet the demands of the Chilean and Argentine markets, providing cutting-edge ROV and multifunctional arm systems tailored to local realities. This partnership represents a milestone in pushing the boundaries of underwater operations and holds great promise for the future.

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