In recent years, Australian company Reach Robotics has gained significant ground in the international market with its multifunctional articulated arm systems for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Reach Robotics’ equipment is characterized by being electric, rather than hydraulic like most underwater robotic arms. Another standout feature of these manipulators is their incredible size-to-strength and quality ratio, as compact manipulators are often not very robust. In this case, their design allows them to be used professionally in high-demand tasks, and thanks to their compact size, they can be integrated into ROVs of all types, including compact units.

Recently, Mariscope and Reach Robotics signed an exclusive representation agreement for the Chilean and Argentine markets. Given that both companies have always specialized in the development of innovative and individualized solutions, this cooperation will provide the national market with ROV and multifunctional arm systems adapted to local realities and demands.

The agreement between both companies aims to identify underwater applications that cannot currently be performed with existing equipment and technology on the market, and which are often carried out by divers or, in instances where they are too deep, simply cannot be carried out at all. One example is the collection of marine organisms for scientific studies that are at depths which cannot be reached by divers and must be collected with great precision and delicacy to ensure they arrive intact at the surface for further study.

Reach Robotics offers a Master Arm control system for its robotic arms, enabling the operator to intuitively Mariscopemaneuver the manipulator with unparalleled precision. In this way, recovery operations of, for example, naval artifacts become extremely efficient, reducing the time lost in frustrated attempts to hook and recover them, which is widely known to those who perform these types of rescues. The result is a decrease in operating costs and an increase in efficiency in this type of work.

For the local aquaculture industry, future applications include repairing nets, manipulating cavitation systems for controlled cleaning of the systems installed in marine harvesting sites, and many others that can now be carried out with this type of technology.

The high construction quality of this equipment, together with the technical service provided by Mariscope, will achieve a successful impact on the market. The German company has been in the South American market for 24 years, repeatedly being a pioneer in successfully introducing new technologies. With the incorporation of Reach Robotics, an exemplary symbiosis has been achieved between a German ROV manufacturer of quality and an Australian high-end robotic arm manufacturer.

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